How do I clean the wood?

Use mild soap and water with a damp cloth.

What is the weight capacity for your chairs?

250 LBS.

What is the species of the wood?


What is the height of the table and chairs?

The height of the table is 30”H to the top of the table and the height of the chairs are 18”H to the top of the seat.

Can the table top withstand direct heat?

No, the table top cannot withstand direct heat. It’s recommended to use trivets .

Is the table top water proof?

No, the table top not waterproof. If a spill occurs please wipe it down and don’t let it sit because water spots and water rings will form. It’s recommended to use coasters.

Where does the leaf store on your tables?

  • RD42, RT67 and OV90 tables have butter-fly leaves. The leaf folds under the table.

  • RT78 and RT82 tables have self storing leaves.

  • RD45 has a take out leaf. You would have to store the leaf.

Do the chairs have matching stools?

Yes, mostly all of our chairs have matching stools. You can scroll to the Gathering Height Sets tab and click on Counter Height Stools.

What is the height of the counter height stools?

The counter height stools measure 24”H.